Sunday, November 28, 2010

Union Jack's - Bethesda, MD

One thing I LOVE about Union Jack's is that there is always something going on here. During the day on Saturdays and Sundays, they have "game day" specials. During the week, there are different drink and food specials every night. And don't let the "british pub" tagline fool you - the DJ plays great music - loudly - until closing and the dance floor gets PACKED on the weekends.

My favorite night to go is "Dollar Thursday." Starting at 4 pm, Miller Lite Bottles are $1, and during "Power Hour," 10-11 pm, EVERYTHING except top shelf and shots is $1. After 10, a DJ takes over and a huge dance party starts up.

If dancing isn't your scene, there's still plenty to do. There is a back room with 6 pool tables and large booths. The mid-priced food is a perfect compliment to your drinking habit.

During the warmer months, you can sit outside at tables overlooking the dance floor. This is a great option for smokers and people-watchers. It's also convenient for late-comers since the waitresses can get drinks faster than you can at the bar.

Tips & Tricks:
1. This is Bethesda, so there are cops everywhere, especially at closing time on the weekends. So, unless you have a designated driver, I suggest taking a cab.
2. If you are driving, there is a garage (free on nights and weekends) 1/2 block away.
3. It gets pretty packed after 9 pm, so get there early if you want a seat at the bar.
4. When security tells you to leave, get to the exit. They do not fool around, and get pretty nasty if you want to wait for your friend to get out of the bathroom or close their tab.

For more info., see the site!

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